Basic Life Skills

There are certain basic life skills everyone should have. It’s one of the major failures of our educational system that many people lack them. What’s worse is that most people are never offered the opportunity to learn these skills in school. This list is far from complete, but it’s a start.

1. Sewing – I’m not expecting people to make their own clothes, but no one should graduate without being able to put a button back on a shirt.
2. Car Repair – Nothing major here, but people should at least be able to use jumper cables and change a tire.
3. Cooking – It might help our obesity problem if people knew how to cook their own meals.
4. Personal Finance – It should be illegal for people to have a credit card without this one.
5. Etiquette – This may sound silly, but we live in a society. It would be nice if people knew how to navigate it.
6. Job Hunting – Everyone talks about how education is the key to a good job, but they never tell us how to get that job.

These are just a few ideas, a start. I don’t see any reason for not teaching these things in school. They would help a lot more people than any STEM class.


2 comments on “Basic Life Skills

  1. iggy23 says:

    Wow these are actually legitimate things we should know. I used to be taught sewing and cooking in school when I was 13-14 but unfortunately I didn’t follow up on those :/ I’d like to think that finance is the most important, though. I mean, there are so many people just spending without much thought and they end up broke but not knowing why. This list should give us some food for thought 🙂


  2. glotzerg says:

    I took sewing in middle school, too. I think I made a duffle bag that wouldn’t close.


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